Drive-thru Decontamination Chamber

The AeroClave™ Portable Asset Decontamination System (PADS) changes the approach to the decontamination of emergency equipment and other critical assets. It uses the proprietary AeroClave Process™, utilizing an EPA-approved disinfectant to provide the first and only comprehensive and cost-effective solution to large-scale decontamination.

Unlike other methods of vehicle decontamination, PADS decontaminates the entire vehicle: inside and out. It can be utilized for ambulances, police and fire rescue vehicles, buses, trains and emergency management equipment.

* Drive-thru

* Cost-effective

* Inside & Out

Perfect for Multiple Assets

The PADS chamber is flexible enough to decontaminate virtually any mobile asset.


Command Vehicles

Patrol Cars



Designed and built to your specifications

Flexible Design

The PADS was designed to either be a free-standing facility or easily retrofitted into an existing fire station or other commercial building.

All Sizes

The PADS drive-thru chamber allows vehicles of all sizes to enter and exit through large, insulated, barn-style sealed doors. The standard chamber sizes are 30, 60 and 100 feet long, but can be custom designed to meet the customer's needs.

Inside & Out

PADS is designed to decontaminate the entire vehicle, not just the interior.  

PADS Specifications

Decontamination Technology

* Proprietary AeroClave technology

* EPA-approved Disinfectant

Standard Configuration

* Drive-thru 60' x 16' x 14' decon area

* 3" insulated painted steel wall and roof panels

* 12" wide x 14' tall vehicle entry doors

* 3' wide x 6'8" personnel access door

* 3' x 3' observation window

Custom Designs Available

Warranty and Training

* 12 month parts and labor warranty

* Operator training by AeroClave certified staff

* Operator and service manuals